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NURS FPX 5005 Assessment 4 Patient Care Technology

Student Name Capella University NURS-FPX 5005 Introduction to Nursing Research, Ethics, and Technology Prof. Name Date Analysis of Technology in Nursing Practice This paper delves into the various dimensions of technology in patient care, discussing its applications, advantages, and challenges. Focusing on electronic health records (EHRs), it examines their implications for patient care and nursing

NURS FPX 6610 Assessment 2 Patient Care Plan

Student Name Capella University NURS-FPX 6610 Introduction to Care Coordination Prof. Name Date Patient Care Plan Patient Identifier: 6700891Patient Medical Diagnosis: Poorly controlled anxiety, obesity, HTN, DM, and Hypercholesterolemia Nursing Diagnosis Assessment Data Goals and Outcome Nursing Interventions Rationale Outcome Evaluation and Re-planning First Diagnosis:           Risk of improper healthcare management – Subjective:

NURS FPX 4900 Assessment 2 Assessing the Problem Quality Safety and Cost Considerations

Student Name Capella University NURS 4900 Capstone Project for Nursing Prof. Name Date Assessing the Problem Quality, Safety, and Cost Considerations Assessing a patient, family, or population health issue is essential in healthcare management and decision-making. It supports practical approaches to complicated issues that patients or groups could face. This method involves the complete study