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NURS FPX 4040 Assessment 1 Nursing Informatics in Health Care

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NURS4040 Managing Health Information and Technology

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Nursing Informatics in Health Care

Nursing informatics is a science which is defined as a specialized nursing science. This includes knowledge of different analytical sciences that helps to describe, manage and transmit data and prudence in nurse practitioners.To provide the best opportunity to the care teams ; nurses help with lot of things from providing information on novel ideas, technologies, devising plans to implement for the health care and patient benefit. They also evaluate data. The scope of practise for nurses in informatics jobs has evolved and shifted over the last two decades in response to the needs of health care organizations.

While informatician practise has rarely been well defined or limited in terms of role responsibilities and scope, it has made a substantial contribution to the evolution and spread of information and communication technology (ICT) around the world. Furthermore, the formation of linked certifications and placed informatics as a specialization within nursing and other health professions has resulted from the introduction of institutionalized education in nursing and health informatics.

Role of Nurse as Informaticist

In interdesciplinary groups nurse informaticist collaborate with their colleagues to improve communication. This not only strengthen the patient safety but also bridge the gap between the patient and nurse and make a better understanding. An informaticist is a trained nurse practitioner that is skilful in performing many different tasks with efficiency. They have wider area of expertise. This helps them acquiring knowledge as well as made them favorable for evaluating data based on electronic health records.

A nurse informaticist, for example is in charge of enabling the computer-based provider order entry (CPOE) system. Which captures assessment result from electronic medicine records (EMRs) along with the progress, nursing and prescription notes. Nursing informaticist take the initiative to meet nursing needs from electronic medicine records while also raising interdisciplinary groups’ health care and prevention standards (Strudwick ., et al 2019)

They are the most recommended nursing structure because they play an important role in patient’s health care by preserving clinical records of patient’s health structures, monitoring access to health care norms and evaluating health providers from interdisciplinary groups. Nursing informatics commonly employ informatics solutions to detect patients with increased risks inside serious diseases by including curative and preventative measures into early therapeutic modalities (Nagle 2021).

NURS FPX 4040 Assessment 1 Nursing Informatics in Health Care

Early medical techniques also reduce the probability of treatment errors by notifying interdisciplinary groups about the dangers of unintentional harmful effects, such as diseases linked to patients’ allergies induced by unsafe drug combinations (Kim 2018). The developments in electronic-technology and nurse informaticist have made a massive influence on health-care system globally (Edward., et al 2018). An important nursing science and practice goal is to connect technology to improve nursing practice and patient health in the clinic. Nurse informaticist played a huge role in estimating the health of patients. It guide nurses to make their own research and provide evidence based care to their patients.

The research claimed that the nurse informaticist can immensely benefit doctors and other health care staff. As their main objective is to provide better communication, precision and easy approach to patient’s data. Already said that nurses played a key role in maintaining the environment of hospital and as they re trained to supervise any kind of change. Hence it was deduced that nurses with the collaboration of nurse informaticist can make a dynamic effect by promoting novel strategies of health and implementing administrative rules.

Consequently, nurse informaticist have made a significant reduction in medical errors, patient-treatment delays and medicinal costs ( Bakonja., et al 2021). Nurse informaticist are able to translate the data of foreign language as they are convenient with the use comprehensive tools. Further they are also found to have expertise in data transmission from one source to another by carefully managing the confidentiality.

Collaborations of Nurses with interdisciplinary Team 

It has been estimated that nurses are efficient collaborators and focal persons of patient health. As they conduct repeated evaluations to check the treatment plan for the patient.Also they make sure the protection of their rights in interdisciplinary group discussions. They make better suggestion for cure as they are better able to deal the patient with understanding them emotionally. 

The performance level of nurse  can be defined by the team work, collaboration, communication, coordination, protection of patient right and health, care initiatives. Moreover it also employs to make excellent solutions for patient problems by taking care of their family and personal health. Risk of liability of medicinal use can be estimated by the efficiency of care nurse provide to the chronic disease patient beacuse these patients might react to the medicines differently (Wang., et al 20).

NURS FPX 4040 Assessment 1 Nursing Informatics in Health Care

Furthermore, it is recommended that to assess the competency of nurses as a personal support; the quality level of nurses in a interdisciplinary group must be maintained. The patient history must be known to the nurses to make prime care possible. Nurses must be vigilant to track the record of the patient medicine, expiry dates must be viewed before giving. They must bed constantly informed of the new methods for patient safety and terminating the use of  drug that is being banned by FDA under any circumstances (McGonigle., et al 2021).

Requiring Nurse Informaticist in Health-Care-Settings

In today’s world, it is important for nurse informaticists in health-care settings to take preventive measures for the enhancement and greater quality of life of patients by utilizing technology in accordance with the disease’s requirements. However, it is only applicable when dealing with modern technology and leveraging nurses’ experience in interdisciplinary health care settings. Simply by coordination of health care system, making use of telehealth, social media utilization as a support group and building health care networks can aid nurse informaticist  vulnerable to succeed. Nurses’ roles remained toiling and productive for four decades (Sensmeier., et al 2019).

Nursing professionals employ informatics tools to select patients who are more likely to develop serious illnesses and take preventative measures early. Medical errors are reduced through automated warnings that notify doctors regarding inherent risks such as a patient’s hypersensitivity or a dangerous drug interaction.

Evidence-Based Strategies to Protect Health Information

The strategies of patient care employs a use of electronic system and manual scripts to maintain the record of the patient. The nurses must ensure the patient security by all means. The professional behavior of nurses is of immense importance as the free discussion of patient health publicly or gossiping among the other team members is highly unethical and unlawful. The third party interference such as getting patient record by illegitimate sources  must strictly be prohibited by nurse practitioner.  Implementation of strategies by using authentic, evidence-based sources are significant for health promotion. The specific safeguarding ideas are in place to keep patients safe and healthy (Schall et al., 2017).

NURS FPX 4040 Assessment 1 Nursing Informatics in Health Care

It is well acknowledged that the goal of nursing informatics is to reduce the risks of receiving dangerous treatments, as well as to eliminate prescription error rates. The prime goal of nurse informaticist is to improve patient retrieval of electronic reports  by showing precise system and guidance. Researchers have gathered survey reports which depicted the better outcomes of patient health and management when nurse informaticist manage data electronically with prudence (Alotaibi & Federico, 2017). It is the most effective method of safeguarding health-care records by providing necessary employees with training and imposing limitations on confidential data from public access.


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NURS FPX 4040 Assessment 1 Nursing Informatics in Health Care

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