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NHS FPX 4000 assessment 1 Pledge of Academic Honesty

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Capella University

NHS-FPX 4000 Developing a Health Care Perspective

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Pledge of Academic Honesty

I hereby vow that all academic endeavors undertaken during the duration of this course, as well as any future educational pursuits, will be the result of my independent effort and original thought. I pledge to be the sole architect of all assignments, ensuring they are a reflection of my own ideas and exertions. Furthermore, I understand that unless explicitly cited, paraphrased, or acknowledged, all written content will be entirely original and not derived from external sources.

Recognition of Peer Contributions

I acknowledge that utilizing any portion of a peer’s discourse without proper citation constitutes a breach of academic ethics. Moreover, I understand that making slight modifications to a peer’s work without due credit constitutes an act of academic dishonesty.

Obligation to Maintain Academic Integrity

I promise to promptly notify my instructor should I encounter any instance where another student has misrepresented my work or the work of others. I recognize the shared responsibility we bear in upholding the standards of academic honesty at Capella University.

Directives for Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

When incorporating direct quotes from a source, I will encase the text in quotation marks, provide contextualization for the quote, and adhere to APA formatting standards for both in-text citations and complete references. In instances of paraphrasing or summarizing, I will rearticulate the content using unique language and sentence structures while ensuring appropriate citation within the text and at the conclusion of my work.

Exploration of Academic Integrity Resources

I am committed to thoroughly exploring the recommended materials on academic integrity, which encompass:

  • Guidelines on Academic Honesty & APA Style and Organization.
  • University Policy 3.01.01: Academic Integrity and Honesty [PDF].
  • Strategies for Upholding Academic Integrity.
  • Techniques for Preventing Plagiarism.

Ramifications of Academic Misconduct

I am aware that any transgression of the aforementioned standards constitutes plagiarism, a grave violation of academic integrity according to Capella University’s regulations. In the event of identifying any instance of academic dishonesty, instructors will:

  • Initiate direct contact with me to address the alleged infraction.
  • Offer an opportunity for me to provide a response and challenge any accusations of plagiarism.
  • Enforce penalties, which may encompass a zero score for the assignment or unit, a failing final grade, among other consequences.
  • Officially report the violation to Capella University in accordance with established protocols.

Confirmation and Assent

By affixing my signature below, I affirm my comprehension of and dedication to abiding by the aforementioned policies. I acknowledge that these policies are in alignment with Capella University’s academic regulations. Should any queries or concerns regarding this pledge arise, I will seek elucidation from my instructor before appending my signature.

NHS FPX 4000 assessment 1 Pledge of Academic Honesty