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NURS FPX 6610 Assessment 2 Patient Care Plan

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Capella University

NURS-FPX 6610 Introduction to Care Coordination

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Patient Care Plan

Patient Identifier: 6700891
Patient Medical Diagnosis: Poorly controlled anxiety, obesity, HTN, DM, and Hypercholesterolemia

Nursing DiagnosisAssessment DataGoals and OutcomeNursing InterventionsRationaleOutcome Evaluation and Re-planning
First Diagnosis:     
Risk of improper healthcare management– Subjective: Patient is Mrs. Snyder, 56 years old, under treatment for hyperglycemia and uncontrolled diabetes.Patient will report improvement in eating habits and personal health.– Raise awareness about self-care management – Encourage diabetes self-monitoring at home – Teach insulin administration techniquesEducation and self-monitoring vital for diabetes controlAssessment of glucose logs and lifestyle changes; medication adjustment if needed
Risk of a consistent rise in diabetes– Objective: Admitted to ED with sugar levels of 230-389, dyspnea, abdominal discomfort, malaise, urination problems, and HTN. – High consumption of cookies and snacks.Patient will reduce weight in 3 months. Patient will control snacking habit in 1 month.– Educate on lifestyle modifications – Teach insulin administrationLifestyle changes crucial for diabetes managementRegular monitoring of weight and snacking habits; review after 1 and 3 months
Second Diagnosis:     
Higher domestic burden and difficulty in meal preparation– Subjective: Patient experiences constant anxiety, depression, overwhelmed feeling, and weakness due to family responsibilities. – Husband provides validation, leading to neglect of personal health.Patient will improve mental health and emotional well-being.– Prescribe tolerable anxiolytics – Weekly counseling sessions (CBT) – Provide access to mindfulness and spiritual healing therapiesPharmacological and psychotherapeutic approaches essential for anxiety controlWeekly assessment of anxiety level and adjustment of interventions as needed
Third Diagnosis:     
Ovarian Cancer– Subjective: Patient fearful of chemotherapy, weak, and less immune. Fear of failing as caregiver for elderly mother. – Fear of acute pain, discomfort with surgery. Obesity and airway difficulty.Patient will have multiple options for better care of her mother through facility placement.– Refer to counselor for caregiver role – Find social worker for facility placement – Implement pain assessment thrice a day – Educate on nonpharmacological pain managementEnsure patient and caregiver support, pain relief, and improved quality of lifeRegular assessment of pain and caregiving needs; adjust interventions accordingly


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NURS FPX 6610 Assessment 2 Patient Care Plan

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NURS FPX 6610 Assessment 2 Patient Care Plan