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NURS FPX 6214 Assessment 3 Implementation Plan

Student Name Capella University NURS-FPX 6214 Health Care Informatics and Technology Prof. Name Date Introduction Wearable and remote monitoring technologies have gained significant popularity recently, enabling patients to track their health longitudinally and transmit data easily for storage and analysis (Liao et al., 2019). Despite their potential to redefine healthy or unhealthy behaviors, their clinical

NURS FPX 6030 Assessment 4 Implementation Plan Design

Student Name Capella University NURS-FPX 6030 MSN Practicum and Capstone Prof. Name Date Implementation Plan This assessment delves deep into the integration of technology within geriatric intervention plans. By evaluating current and emerging technological tools, the potential impact on delivery methods is discerned, their efficacy is identified, and associated challenges are addressed. This comprehensive exploration