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NURS FPX 9100 Assessment 4 Virtual Check-in 1

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Capella University

NURS-FPX 9100 Defining Nursing Doctoral Project

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The initial virtual check-in transpired on March 3, 2023, involving interaction with my instructor, Dr. Conner, and preceptor Adita Flagg. Deliberations centered around the endorsed topic for my quality improvement project, Provider Inbox Management Optimization (PIMO). The project’s objective is to augment timely provider responses to patients through the portal, with supporting evidence emphasizing the positive impact of time response policies on patients (Steitz et al., 2019).

The proposition entails the establishment of a response time policy to guide staff in addressing messages. Adita affirmed the relevance of this subject for improvement at the project site, while Dr. Conner contributed further insights into project implementation, elucidating the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) process. The check-in duration was approximately 10 minutes, allowing for questions and reflections.


Presently, I am engaged in the development of Part II of the Project Charter. Having selected this project topic at the program’s inception, Part I was swiftly concluded by drawing upon earlier work. Challenges have arisen in collaborating with essential stakeholders, particularly my preceptor and a work colleague. The intent is to collaboratively review the charter for enhancements prior to submission. Despite the absence of current queries, each iteration of topic approval or charter document refinement contributes to my learning. I eagerly look forward to executing the project and effecting a positive impact.


Steitz, B. D., Wong, J. I. S., Cobb, J. G., Carlson, B., Smith, G., & Rosenbloom, S. T. (2019). Policies and procedures governing patient portal use at an Academic Medical Center. JAMIA Open, 2(4), 479–488.

NURS FPX 9100 Assessment 4 Virtual Check-in 1