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NURS FPX 6214 Assessment 1 Technology Needs Assessment

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NURS-FPX 6214 Health Care Informatics and Technology

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Technological advancements have undergone a significant revolution over time, enhancing data gathering tactics, retrieval processes, and management efficiency. This evolution has permeated various aspects of life, including healthcare, where it has profoundly impacted patient care quality and diagnostic procedures (Hillyer, 2020; Scientific Research & Technological Advancements: Risks & Benefits Video, 2012). Notably, advancements such as telemedicine, electronic health records, and remote monitoring have garnered considerable attention in healthcare literature (10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2021). This paper focuses on telehealth and wearable or remote monitoring technologies, analyzing their relevance, nursing care implications, safety regulations, and ethical considerations.

Relevance and Importance of a Needs Assessment

Conducting a needs assessment is crucial for organizations to bridge knowledge gaps, identify necessary changes, and align with desired outcomes (Weisberg, 2019). It offers insights into the necessity and potential impacts of technological advancements, facilitating effective resource allocation and strategic planning (Taylor, 2020). For nursing communities, such assessments prioritize care needs, evaluate technology efficacy, and enhance patient engagement, as evidenced by the adoption of telehealth solutions (Krick et al., 2019).

Safety Requirements and Regulatory Considerations

Wearable or remote monitoring devices, integral to telehealth, necessitate stringent safety measures and regulatory compliance. Ensuring data security, FDA approval, risk management protocols, stakeholder education, and ethical considerations are paramount (Hillyer, 2020). Addressing these aspects guarantees patient confidentiality, data integrity, and device reliability.

Patient Confidentiality and Privacy Protections

Telehealth technologies must prioritize patient confidentiality and privacy through encryption, two-way authentication, password protection, and tailored data access permissions (10 Breakthrough Technologies, 2021). Consent procedures should empower patients to make informed decisions regarding their data sharing, fostering trust and transparency.

Potential Impact of Internal and External Stakeholders

Internal stakeholders, including healthcare professionals and IT personnel, contribute insights into device functionality, usability, and security, guiding clinical improvements (Ladikas & Stamm, 2023). External stakeholders, such as manufacturers and regulatory bodies, bolster device credibility and reliability through adherence to industry standards (Hillyer, 2020). End users’ feedback, notably patients and caregivers, provides invaluable insights into device usability and real-world applicability, shaping future developments (Taylor, 2020).


Wearable or remote monitoring devices represent a significant advancement in healthcare technology, offering convenient solutions for patient monitoring and engagement. Needs assessments underscore their relevance, while safety measures ensure patient data security and regulatory compliance. Upholding patient confidentiality and considering stakeholder perspectives are integral to maximizing the benefits of these technologies across healthcare settings.


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NURS FPX 6214 Assessment 1 Technology Needs Assessment

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NURS FPX 6214 Assessment 1 Technology Needs Assessment