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Capella 4010 Assessment 2

Capella 4010 Assessment 2 Interview and Interdisciplinary Issue Identification

Student Name

Capella University

NURS-FPX 4010 Leading in Intrprof Practice

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Interview Summary

Central Health Clinic, a mid-sized clinic specializing in general medicine with a focus on radiology, faced challenges in communication, particularly between the Radiology Department and emergency departments. Dr. Sarah Mitchell, Head of the Radiology Department, discussed her responsibilities, including overseeing accurate and timely imaging services, leading a dedicated radiology team, and collaborating with other departments for holistic patient care. The clinic implemented a digital platform to address communication delays, facing resistance due to a learning curve.

Despite organizing training sessions, stakeholder buy-in remained a challenge. Practical roadblocks, such as resistance to technological advancements, hindered interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Mitchell, while positive about collaboration, highlighted communication barriers and the need for structured platforms for cohesive interdisciplinary experiences. The interview employed clarifying questions and active listening to gather comprehensive insights (Matlala, 2021).

Issue Identification

The interview identified a significant communication delay between radiology and emergency departments, posing risks to patient health. An evidence-based interdisciplinary approach is necessary for timely interventions and enhanced healthcare delivery (Porembka et al., 2022).

Change Theories

To address communication challenges, Lewin’s Change Management Model, involving ‘unfreezing,’ ‘changing,’ and ‘refreezing’ phases, can be applied. This model, proven effective in healthcare communication improvement, aligns with the need for seamless interdepartmental communication (Harrison et al., 2021). The PDSA model, emphasizing continual improvement, is also suitable for dynamic healthcare settings, providing an iterative approach for ongoing adjustments (Kwok et al., 2021).

Leadership Strategies

‘Facilitative Leadership’ stands out as a strategy emphasizing collaboration and active participation, crucial for addressing communication lags at Central Health Clinic. This approach, supported by research, enhances interdepartmental coordination and aligns with the clinic’s challenges (Ho et al., 2023).

Collaboration Approaches

Proposing “Interdisciplinary Case Discussions” as a collaborative approach involves routine meetings for professionals from different departments to discuss patient cases. This structured environment can reduce misunderstandings, ensuring a quicker diagnostic process and addressing communication barriers (Nguyen et al., 2019).


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Capella 4010 Assessment 2

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Capella 4010 Assessment 2